Kevin Marquez

President and Chief Executive Officer

Since joining MVM in 2007, Kevin Marquez has led the development and execution of MVM’s growth and diversification strategy. He has expanded MVM’s customer base within the company’s legacy services of security and translation, further expanded MVM’s investigative and litigation support capabilities, and led the development of new core capabilities in information technology services and professional and administrative services.

Prior to assuming his current role as President and CEO in 2015, Kevin served in multiple capacities at MVM, including Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. Prior to joining MVM, Kevin worked in the investment banking industry.

Maria Campos

Executive Vice President

Maria Campos has over 25 years of experience managing nationwide and international linguist and intelligence support operations, and managed her own successful company prior to joining MVM’s executive team in 2005. As MVM’s Executive Vice President, she oversees and provides strategic direction for all company operations.

Maria has also been an integral part of the development and evolution of intelligence-driven law enforcement investigations and is a recognized expert in these issues. Prior to working in support of law enforcement,  she worked at the U.S. Mission to the United Nations.

Louie T. McKinney

Senior Vice President of Government Affairs

Louie T. McKinney is the first person in the history of the U.S. Marshals to rise through the ranks from Deputy Marshal to Acting Director. During his career, he was thrice appointed Marshal to the U.S. Virgin Islands and was Chief of the Enforcement Division for the Marshals Service headquarters. A three-time Presidential Appointee, Mr. McKinney has served in various other law enforcement capacities, including FBI Consultant, Special Agent with the CIA, and Chief Inspector of INTERPOL. He joined MVM in 2001 as Senior Vice President of Government Affairs, assisting on a wide range of programs and expanding MVM’s business development efforts.